Le Plonque’s best wine selection for Easter.jpeg

Le Plonque’s best wine selection for Easter

What are you planning to cook for Easter? Whether you’ll choose a nice lamb roast or roasted chicken, we’ve got it all covered for you in terms of wine. 

You can never go wrong serving a bottle of French Pinot noir or Cabernet Merlot with lamb for Easter. While the deep, rich fruit flavour and firm tannin structure of Cabernet matches well with the richness and texture of lamb, Pinot Noir is also a good match because it has the fruit, the earthiness, and the acidity that you are looking for in a gamey dish like lamb. Pinot noir will also go very well with a chicken roast.

Don’t forget dessert! A nice bottle of Remy Massin Champagne would be perfect to cheer and celebrate the Easter holiday.

Bordeaux – La Fleur de Haut-Bages Liberal.jpg

Bordeaux – La Fleur de Haut-Bages Liberal

Cabernet-Sauvignon-Merlot 2012 - Pauillac, Grand-Cru classe

This wine has lovely aromas of red berries. The attack is fresh in the mouth.

Bordeaux - Relais de Durfort-Vivens.jpg

Bordeaux - Relais de Durfort-Vivens

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 2011, Second Grand-Cru classe 

This wine offers the pleasure and thrill of a fine harmonious bouquet‚ a silkiness bursting with fruit in the mouth‚ and an entrancing fresh finish. All the finesse of a great terroir simply and subtly revealed.

Burgundy - Les Vignes de Saint-Germain.jpg

Burgundy - Les Vignes de Saint-Germain

Pinot noir 2015

This Pinot noir offers a palette of aromas, red and black fruits, with a supple mouth and moderate tannin.

Burgundy - Domaine Remoissenet et Fils-Renommée.jpg

Burgundy - Domaine Remoissenet et Fils-Renommée

Pinot noir

With this wine, you will taste the aromas of red summer berry fruit, red currant and baking spices. Tangy, refined, with suave tannins; flavours of pomegranate jam, red cherries, spice box.

Champagne Remy Massin – Cuvee Prestige.png

Champagne Remy Massin – Cuvee Prestige

This Cuvee Prestige has a very subtle bouquet of butter, honey and white flowers. The taste is elegant and harmonious. Once described as 'a piece of lace in the mouth'. A Champagne wine to be tasted in cosy surroundings.